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SOMCZ Teaching
Leading Non-profit

SOMCZ Teaching and Leading Non-profit founded by Nakisha Adams Smith was designed to help students go to trade school and help international students with school tuition.



SOMCZ Teaching and Leading non-profit mission is to provide trade school scholarships to students who may not have the desire to go to college and those who may want to learn a trade to earn money while going to college.  Our mission is also to assist ALASS school in West Africa, and eventually, other international schools provide a quality education experience.

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$500.00 Donation

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$1,000.00 Donation

As of 2023, we have a partnership with multiple schools in SC to grant scholarships. Currently, one of our scholarship students is attending The Prevalent Institute for her nail tech program.

Our 2nd partnership is with ALASS school in Monrovia, Liberia. We are raising funds to give as many scholarships as possible for kids to attend a full year of school. This will include food, transportation, and an education.

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