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For 2021 the SOMCZ Magazine will published three times and will distributed to 10 states. 

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5th Edition Prices

 $100 Full page without us creating Ad 

$150 Full page with us creating the Ad 

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Two Calendars are publised each year. 

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All calendar months will go up for grabs in August of each year. 

Only 24 slots are available due to only 2 calendars being distributed.

Purpose Knockout

Have you ever felt like life was trying to knock you out? Every time you made a step forward someone or something was there to remind you that you wans

t going to make it. No one could see that your purpose wasn't staying down for the count, it got back up and bam... Purpose Knockout!

Pre-order my new book,, Purpose Knockout and find out how my Purpose knocked all the negativity and naysayers out of my life. My purpose healed me and it can heal you too. 

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Book Releases in April 2020

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